Published on 06/25/2019

Often times when people see our ads they think we’re looking to hire. What we’re actually looking is to promote the services you offer to others! We promote small businesses, people who teach music, tutors, coaches or any other professionals who offer some kind of service to others. Our platform was designed to promote what you do!

So why join, and why do we do this?

We live in a digital era where people search the internet to find your services, so we created Stamp Memories to make it simpler. It makes it easier to find you and it allows you to schedule your services. So, you can be of service to people in your local area, and also to those who travel across the country and visit your area. 

How much is it to join?

It’s free to join our platform, but in order for us to promote your service, your profile has to be completed 100% with an offer of how much you charge for your service. This is the only way people can find you on our platfom, and this also allows us to promote you with the correct insights about your service. To complete the profile and post an offer, is also free. 

What do you get out of it?

You receive additional exposure to your services,

Free Provider Accounts / Profiles with custom URL and all your service offerings,

Free credits to post 5 activities and showcase/sell your services,

Commissions charged only when sales are made, you decide what you offer and how much you charge,

Create confidence in your offerings enabling seamless collection of payment, communication and transfer to your bank account,

Post date specific, non-date  specific, single package of packages for individuals or groups,

Individual and company accounts available.


Why is it free?

We believe that diversity, education and services good for the community, deserve to be showcased. Our platform was designed to help promote your service to consumers across North America to help spread the mesmerizing effect of what you do. So while everyone promotes their own business the best way they can, we believe in a place designed especially for people who are offering what they do best. With us, you'll get more exposure, free promotion and you'll also become a part of the community that offers best services to others. And you get to do all this within our free plan. 

To see other plans visit https://www.stampmemories.com/provider/register

What do we get out of it?

Our goal is to create a community across the US where people who offer services want to be promoted. If you are one, reach out to us.

Join us today!