Published on 06/25/2019


Digital marketing and social media have become the main tools to promote ourselves and what we do. So, here at Stamp Memories, small business owners, educators and hundreds of other professionals can offer services to others via our platform. We do this in a simple way of inviting you to sign up with us at stampmemories.com, after which we use our social media to share your services with a wider audience.

But it’s on our website where customers mostly look for you and services such as fitness, photography and much more, so it is very important for us to have you signed up with us and promote the services that you offer. Once you sign up with us, you become a Provider.

What’s a Provider?

Provider is an individual, such as someone offering math lessons, coaching or piano classes. A provider is also someone who has a small photography business, a cleaning service or anyone who is offering services to others. This is exactly why we offer individual and business provider accounts.

Why become a Provider?

Our goal is for you to have a place where others can find you, book your services, and schedule in the future. This is why we make calls for Providers often because it is as equally important to us to have as many Providers as possible because we want to cover most of the North America.  

Watch our Provider's video if you still have questions whether to become one. 


So, what sets us apart and why sign up? 

-You receive additional exposure regarding your services

-Free provider and customer accounts

-Personalized marketing

-Free $5 in posting credits, which is enough to showcase 5 of your services and sell them to others

-Scheduling and billing through the platform

-Personalized provider URL

-Free communication within the platform (text and call)

Our platform is designed to share your services in your area to your community members. But if someone is visiting your area, they can also schedule services with you. So, we’re here to showcase what you do and what you are offering so others can learn, teach and experience!

Still have questions?

Write us! We’d love to hear from you.