Published on 06/25/2019

Ever walked the streets Uptown New York? They’re full of small businesses. Walk a few blocks, and you’ll find a dance studio, couple of local restaurants, a gym, a nutrition bar, and usually somewhere at end of the corner is an awesome hairstylist whose salon is looking across the street where the cleaning service is. Then a runner passes by. And another one. There are tons of commercials, billboards, food samples in grocery stores, people playing instruments for money on the street, and there are those giving out flyers and promoting something new, inviting you to try it out.

That’s exactly, what’s going on when I scroll down my Instagram line, and it makes it my favorite part about Stamp Memories!

Seeing people promoting their own businesses, working out, offering classes for beginners, advanced classes, is so motivating. People are sweating and doing Yoga. Girls are dancing ballet, and there are these boys learning how to play a guitar. People are offering culinary classes, giving out coupons, coaches are kickin’ it, singers are signin’ it. Clothes are being sold, kids are playing soccer, learning how to swim, and I see a video how a cake is being finished.

Most of our followers are our Customers or Providers. And that’s why we’re here, to show off the services that you offer, so that your and our customers can find you. Our platform is designed to find services in your local area, but it isn’t necessarily limited to. Let’s say you travel to Cancun, and you decide you want a photographer there, but you don’t know any photographers is Cancun. That's when you can find one here.

It's a world full of interesting people, educators, creative souls and talents from across the US and Canada, and we are happy that our platform unites them. There’s Cleanley, the cleaning service out of Nashville, Tennessee. A great instructor teaching guitar lessons out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

There’s the tennis coach, and my favorite math instructor, #waynethemathstutor. I don’t even like math, but his profile is full of creativity with little questions followed by answers. It reminds me how I couldn’t do these problems so easily in school, and it makes me think, “Who wouldn’t want to learn math now when this instructor makes it so interesting?”

So it’s really like walking downtown and finding services and activities that you need.

Only, you find them all right here on Stamp Memories.

It makes us very proud to keep building a community where people can show off their skills, businesses and talents, because that’s why we’re here, to showcase what you do to improve your business.