Published on 06/25/2019

We keep on pushing you to sign up as a provider and post an offer of how much your services are. Why do we do this? And who are the Providers? Or who are the Providers on our platform?

We’ve designed our platform to empower individuals, small businesses, larger businesses and nonprofits, which is why we promote the services that you offer.

So, Providers on our platform include photography, cleaning businesses, tutoring, music lessons or any other kind of service. While we have many plans you can choose from, our basic plan lets us promote you for free. That’s right. You sign up and get promoted, free of charge.

Our goal is to keep on building a community across the North America, so that others can find you in your community. That is why we are consistent in seeking the providers, especially the ones who have completed their profile but haven’t posted an offer.

For example, our Heart Kissed Photo Provider signed up, but didn’t have an offer posted. So I called her. I found out that she offers courthouse photo shoots in Las Vegas for such a very reasonable price. “Usually when people get married there, it means they’re working with a lower budget, so I like to be there for them!”

For such providers, it is extremely important to work hard and promote their services on our social media to make sure they get enough exposure and customers.

So, still unsure about becoming a Provider?

You can’t go wrong! Stamp Memories actually works in your favor. Whether you choose one of our paying plans with features that you need, or if you choose the basic plan, our goal is the same: to promote what you do so the customers can find you.  


“I love this kind of service. I am currently on the free plan offering my photography sessions, but as soon as I get booked, I will switch and pay for the Pro plan. I think it’s fair if you support me and get me customers, that I support you, too” said our provider from Dariusz Terepka Photography.