Step in to the world of endless possibilities! Stamp Memories is a platform that brings you enjoyable activities and experiences locally at your fingertips. Thousands of passionate professionals are eager to share their talents and services with you wherever you are.

Here is how it works:

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Our activity sessions focus on allowing you to learn a new craft . Passionate professionals are offering endless activities available at your fingerprints wherever you live, play or vacation. These can be anything from piano lessons to cooking classes and everything in between. We encourage you to learn something new every day and create memories that will last a lifetime!




Our experiences are designed around daily excursions offered and led by local experts in their respective fields. Our enthusiastic hosts are able to provide insight and access into variety of places in their cities. Experience a new unforgettable event every day!

Experiences can be indoor or outdoor, and are also available for various skill levels. Our hosts offer one day (date and time specific) experiences as well as multiple sessions based experiences that can be utilized during specific days of the week.

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If you don't see an experience or activity on our website you might be interested in, please write us an email at hi@stampmemories.com.