Free Service Offers

The free posting feature enables you to offer services or list events that are free to the general public. Having free offers is very valuable as it gives you the provider access to showcase yourself or your business/nonprofit and receive additional exposure. Free service postings are available under all premium provider plans.

Q: What are some examples of free services offered by individual and business providers?

As part of your marketing strategy, you may be interested to offer a free activity (lesson, class, seminar) to attract prospective consumers and bring light to your service offerings. This way consumers are encouraged to try your services and then decide if they wish to purchase additional offers.

Q: What are some examples of free services offered by non-profits?

The non-profit organization operates under a different objective than for-profit businesses. Free services could be seminars or classes that are offered to the local community. This way you are able to expose your offers to a bigger audience and utilize marketplace technologies to showcase them.