General Questions

You can pay via credit or debit card through our secure third party processing provider.

Stamp Memories holds all credit card payments until an activity or experience sequence has been completed. At that time funds are withdrawable by the provider.

We do not store credit card information. All credit card processing is done through a third party processing company.

Yes. You can purchase grift cards through our website or app. Gift cards don't expire. Person received the gift card will be required to create a profile. Gift card purchase amount will show up in the form of "fund credits" on your customer profile. Account credits can be used to purchase activities or experiences.

There is no limit on how many experiences you can book. Please make sure there are no scheduling overlaps or conflicts.

You can message your provider from the provider webportal, or call the provider from our mobile applications.

Yes, we encourage all of our customers to review our providers.

Drop us a line anytime to hi@stampmemories.com

Activities & Experiences

We consider providers as passionate individuals and businessess that offer a vide range of activities and experiences in local areas across the world. All of our providers are independent contractors

Provider services are grouped in two categories to enable customers to categorize their interests. Examples of activities would be you purchasing a tennis lesson. Example of an experience would be you purchasing a local museum tour.

Please check the provider requirements and specification on your order. These are specified by the provider and could include things like skill level, age and others. Each activity defines what is required and what to expect so be sure to read before booking. Reviews are also helpful in determining if this activity is right for you.

Each activity/experience offered has its own cancellation and rescheduling policies as defined by providers and you are encouraged to review them on the booking page prior to completing your order. Cancelation policies are different for date specific purchases and non-date specific purchases.

Date specific activities are offered at a specified date/time or a sequence of dates/times. Non date specific activities are purchased and coordinated with the providers during their available service times.

Any unused purchased non date specific sessions will expire after 180 days from the date of purchase and be transferred to the provider. Any rescheduling coordination after the expiration date will be handled directly between the provider and you as the customer. In case of inclement weather the provider can either continue with the experience or activity as planned or reschedule for another date and time. This will be coordinated with the provider and not Stamp Memories.

Services are offered at public locations, online and at customers/businesss places.

Providers that have completed a background check are only allowed to offer services at customer homes or places of business.

Providers are required to check non date specific activities as completed in sequences if more than one. You will be notified of the # of sessions that are completed.